Though unfortunate, pandemic has demonstrated the prophylactic value of nucleic acid in modern health care, especially with the warp speed development of mRNA-based COVID vaccine. Coincidentally, we also witnessed the rapid advance of RNAi therapeutic from concept to regulatory approval in about the same time. The industry is exhilarating about the future of oligonucleotide-based therapeutic starting from ultra-rare diseases and shifting towards prevalent diseases. Having witnessed many startup biotech companies enthusiastically established to address these unsolved issues and unmet needs while struggled to secure resources in manufacturing these products in a timely manner due to the lack of global production capacity and the scarcity of talent in oligonucleotide, the founders of Synoligo Biotechnologies felt the call to action. The company was founded as a contract research organization and specializes in manufacturing complicated, highly modified oligonucleotide.

Xibo LI, PhD

CEO, Founder

Trained organic chemist with nucleic acid chemistry focus at the University of Utah. He joined Nitto Avecia in 2015 working on the process development of oligonucleotide therapeutic GMP manufacturing. In 2018, he joined LGC Biosearch and established a brand new Nucleic Acid Therapeutic CDMO business at Petaluma site. In the four years operation, the business unit achieved 83% CAGR. He was a member of the LGC Leadership Team. Besides his regular responsibilities in NAT (aka Axolabs) business unit, he was also involved in the technical and advisory role of LGC’s controlled pore glass, research and diagnostic oligo production portfolios in California operation and Mermade synthesizer portfolio. He has consulted with many start-up companies on their CMC need.